Welcome to Hilss - the experts for counters and counting mechanisms

We are a German manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of mechanical counters and counting mechanisms for a multitude of uses. Starting with manual tally counters having a press-button actuator and stroke counters up to customer specific counters, we can accommodate all of your requirements in any area of mechanical and industrial engineering. Together with a range of electro-mechanical counters manufactured by our affiliate company we can cover a wide range of requirements and applications

Manual Tally Counters

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Shapely ergonomic versions for both hand-held and fixed usage.

Stroke Counters with or without reset

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Incremented by a stroke movement in machines and other types of mechanical equipment etc.

Rotary Counters with or without reset

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Incremented by a rotary movement. When fitted with a special measuring wheel can be used to measure lengths and distances.
...mehr Handstückzähler und Handtourenzähler ...mehr Handstückzähler und Handtourenzähler

Length Measuring Counters

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Shaft extends at both sides for bi-directional use. Reset function, fibreglass strengthened case.
...mehr Handstückzähler und Handtourenzähler
A solid construction allows a high level of precision, quality and reliability.
Surveying in construction, sports fields/stadiums,
traffic accidents etc.

Hilss – Counters and counting mechanisms for various applications or custom made.

Our counters and counting mechanisms are used in various fields of industry. We manufacture a wide assortment ranging from manual tally counters to other mechanical counters such as stroke or rotary counters and supply electro-mechanical counters for measuring operating time or pulses etc. that are manufactured by our affiliate company Gemmer.

Our counters are designed for industrial use and can also be ordered to fit exact customer requirements. On our Internet pages you will find detailed information on a variety of standard counters and counting mechanisms. Should you have special technical requirements or require large volumes or have any any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.