Gemmer Zählerbau - our affiliate for electro-mechanical counters



Gemmer Zählerbau is specialised in electro-mechanical counters with electronic displays that meet the highest quality levels. They manufacture counters and counting mechanisms for measuring such things as time, volume, impulses and totals. They can supply standard counters and electronic components as well as custom-made mechanisms in accordance with customer requirements.


...mehr Elektronische Impulszähler, Impulszähler der Firma Gemmer

... mehr Vorwahlzähler, Elektromechanische Zähler, Elektronische Zähler der Firma Gemmer

... mehr Betriebsstundenzähler, Elektronisches Zählgerät, Zählwerke der Firma Gemmer



You can reach Gemmer Zählerbau via the URL or use the following link to switch to their Website in a separate tab (! This site is available only in German !): [ Gemmer Zählerbau ]